Seven Miracles of the Gospel

The Bible gives ample substance that the work of God leading up to the cross and the after-effect of it's satisfying, finishing work was and is and always will be all of God. The best way to battle doubt and to battle your own flesh is with amazing promises God's set forth in His word. These are all very familiar verses for most Bible readers but marvel at how they shine when applied to these thoughts. There's an eternity more of these (some of which we probably cannot even discern with our mind,) of course, but here's seven miracles of the Gospel, enacted by God through the person of Christ Jesus. Cling to these, use them when you're talking to people, make them a part of your daily meditation and conversation. 

1. That Christ chose to be the Gospel --- Phil. 2:6,7

He wasn't randomly selected. God didn't come up with a plan B after the fall of man. This was decided and finalized and covenanted in eternity past within the Triune God. Jesus chose to be the Gospel - to save His people. When you feel worthless, cling to this. Christ chose to be the Gospel for you, personally, child of God!

2. That Christ lived a perfect life --- Hebrews 4:15

Morally, yes. But more importantly, Jesus lived in a world filled with sin, despair, wickedness and yet He had no sin. He was tempted in all ways as we are and thus can also understand our temptations and struggles. Even more importantly, He had to be perfect to be a clean sacrifice - without His perfection there would be no atonement. If no one seems to understand your station in life at the present, Jesus does. He knows and has faced what you are going through.

3. That He chose to give Himself up to the cross and die --- Hebrews 12:2

More deeply loving than even the first promise seems, Christ chose to humble Himself, as a human, and die. The eternal person of Jesus Christ subjected Himself to the rigors and temporal life of humanity and died a terribly brutal and  excruciating death in order to rescue those souls from the grip and tomb of sin's darkness! There is no greater sacrifice of love than for one to give oneself over to death for another. When you feel unloved, when despondency creeps in, know that Christ died because of His great love towards you! When I say great, I mean an indescribably powerful and compelling and overcoming love that is deeper than any metaphoric example and goes far beyond life and further still, reaches beyond the grave, into eternity.

3. That Christ was the propitiation and complete payment for His people's sins --- I John 2:2

In the final stage of His horrific death, Christ experienced separation from God's face when He cried, "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me!?" Fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy, His blood became the sacrificial lamb's blood needed to appease God of the payment due for the sins of God's people. Jesus said, "It is finished," and God's wrath had been abated. The Man who had lived perfectly became sin for us perfectly, rendering the payment complete. Let this make you thankful and joyful! You have no way of paying the debt owed to God. Yet, One came, in loving, unmerited favor for you to perfect said payment due. If you're in need of help, remember the One who paid His life for your eternal debt - anything else that's needed is but a small task for the God of Creation!

5. That He was raised from the dead by God --- Matthew 28:6, I Corinthians 15:3,4

We don't have to theorize and wonder if Jesus' blood was enough. God raised Him from the dead in a glorious display of approval and acceptance! Jesus' blood will always be enough! Not only was it enough, but God has said He is the firstborn from the dead, meaning there's more to come! Let this be a fountain of hope for sickness and disease, aches and pains, loved ones that have passed on who knew the Lord. We will one day be raised again, gloriously, and be changed in a twinkling of an eye. In that day, we will worship God for eternity. The resurrection is why we have salvation! Without it, all is vain. Salvation is all of God; we didn't earn it, take any part in it, we just recieve it by Christ's great work!

6. That God has chosen to save any soul --- Zech 9:16, Matthew 1:21

Why save anyone who hates God? Why save a single soul from the fiery, tormenting cellars of hell where Satan and his fallen angels will spend eternity? Why rescue anyone unto the glorifying of God's name? All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. But in His ultimate and infinite wisdom, He has chosen many sons and daughters to be the people of His Kingdom! This will bring you comfort when you witness, when you pray for the lost. God is not finished saving souls. There is still hope!

7. That God resurrects us spiritually from the grave of flesh --- Ephesians 2:4-6

Finally, not only is the Gospel the miracle of Christ's entire life and redemptive history in general, it is a miracle that through the Gospel, God raises us up like Lazarus from a stony tomb of flesh to new life! The same people who hated Him and rejected Him have become His children, eagerly willing to serve Him! He gives us power to live for Him and empowers us with the gift of the Holy Spirit living inside of us. This promise is to know God is not finished with His plan, He's not finished with us and we can live a life pleasing unto Him as Christ did - not sinless, yet - but one day soon, there is even promise of that!

Take these Scriptures and hide them in your heart. Let them feed you daily and be a lamp! The world will either see despair or hope in you.