Missionary Cecil Fayard, Ship to Shore Regions Beyond Mission Newsletter

Maritime Minutes: It is a serious offense for a sailor to fall asleep while on watch.  In the days of ships with sails, the term for waking a sailor who fell asleep on watch by throwing a bucketful of cold water over him was “blowing the grampus.”  It was and is a serious thing to fall asleep on watch.  In 2012, Captain Mark Leon sentenced Boatswain’s Mate Rachel Watson to thirty days confinement in Okinawa.  She wept and pleaded to be busted in rank, but not sent to Okinawa for punishment.  The Captain said: “I needed to send a strong message that this behavior is unacceptable.”  What about those who serve the Captain of our salvation, Jesus Christ?  The Bible makes it plain that we are to be wide awake and on watch.  In Romans 13:11, there is admonishment to those who are asleep on watch:  “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.”

Ship’s Log:  I never cease to be amazed at the names that have been and are given to ships.  Just take a look at some of the names of ships I visited in October.  First of all was the GREAT MIND (flag Hong Kong); Onboard this ship, I encountered a crew that was 100% Chinese.  None of them could speak much English, and not one could get off the ship.  They were very glad to have me on board.  I gave out all of the Chinese Bibles that I had in my backpack as well as scripture portions, and the booklet Ultimate Questions.  Mr. Lee, an elderly Seafarer, was happy to receive a Chinese Mandarin Bible.  I have been back on theDEEP ENERGY several times recently.  This has allowed me to build relationships with the crew.  The ship’s Doctor, cooks, deck hands, and especially the ship’s store keeper have taken a liking to me.  As I was on the way to one of the ships, I noticed a couple of semi-trucks strapping down.  I walked over to the first driver witnessed to him and gave him a Trucker’s New Testament (KJV).  I walked over to the other trucker who was so glad to see another believer.  We fellowshipped together; and then, they were on their way.  Visited onSTAR ISMENE (Flag Norway); this is one of those unusual names for a ship. The crew was all Filipino, and they were grateful for the New Testaments and other materials that we gave them.  On October 15th, we were at the Port of Pensacola for the annual fish fry put on by Fishers of Men Ministries.  I was asked to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” and “Ship Ahoy.”  Larry and Kelly Green from Beverly Manor Baptist Church joined us for dinner and were a great help setting up.  Chaplains Ken Kraich, Bernie Maret, and Don Crutchfield did a great job as did the men and ladies from Fishermen Baptist Church.  The menu consisted of mullet [my favorite fish], shrimp, oysters, cheese grits and baked beans.  The GLOBAL 1200 was in port.  A number of the crew ate with us, and we were able to board and leave Gospel tracts and other materials.  Visited the MARTHA PRIDE (Flag Marshall Islands), and I had a couple of great visits with the Captain, first officer, and crew.  On the second visit, the Captain and first mate invited me to supper with them on board.  For desert, I got my first taste of roolagosa.  On the MARITIME MAISIE (Flag Hong Kong), the crew was made up of Chinese, Filipino, and Indian.  The Chinese and Filipinos received the Bibles and New Testaments I gave them, and the Indians took the few Hindi tracts that I had.  Pray that soon we will have Hindi Bibles to give out.    

Denise and I appreciate your support. Thanks to a generous offering from Faith Baptist, Leighton, AL, we able to pay off the Transit.        

Yours for Souls at Sea,

Cecil and Denise Fayard