Dear Church and Pastor Frank,


I am sending you the pictures of the members and visitors of New Testament Baptist Church in Naval, Biliran, Philippines that had been organized on March 31, 2013 under your church authority through your Missionary to the Philippines brother Teddy C. Badilles.


Please, pray for this daughter church because she had been affected of the super typhoon that strike on Leyte, Biliran and other provinces in the Central Philippines that caused more than 4,000 dead and fattened to the grounds thousands of houses in Tacloban City alone, not counting of course the death tolls in other provinces that were affected of the super typhoon on November 8, 20132.

I contacted some of the members there by their mobiles phones. But I did not receive any response from one of them.

Any word from you is very much appreciated.



Teddy C. Badilles