Date: 04/Oct/2013

Dear Pastor, Church, and All Supporters;

(2 Timothy 2:10) “Therefore I endure all things for the elect's sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.”

The month of September has been a busy, and trying month for us, as well as the work.   The challenge of serving the LORD in these countries where development is something to be desired is a day-to-day reality. GOD grants the grace to bear what we must through the course of time, and yet receives the glory from it.

From our last report I informed the task of constructing trusses for the Bible school building.  I do have two local employees, but their knowledge and expertise is limited to mostly being helpers in this exercise.  Most of my days for the past two months have been twelve to fourteen hour days. 

The trusses have been completed, and transported to the building site awaiting the setting in place (which will take place early next week).  The building has been completed all except the gable ends. The window and doorframes, (& door) I have constructed and have been set in position.

We were without power for almost three weeks, most of our food in the fridge was spoiled, and what little meat we had in the freezer had to either be eaten, or disposed of.  With the cost of living here, as I have explained many times in previous reports, and the blackouts it hardly pays to stock the fridge.  There is almost a daily chore of going to the grocery shop to purchase only what is needed for a couple days, and go from there.  Market days have to be planned, as it usually turns out to consume most of the day.  Sometimes I am able to send my wife with a worker, and sometimes it involves me, which puts other chores on hold. 

When living on the farm some years ago, I did not have running water in the house, but I did have a borehole & hand pump.  I would have a water day, and I would go from there, I said all that to say this – I never ran out of water, nor was my water shut off (because) of other issues.  Here in the city of Blantyre, one would think that the utilities offered would facilitate one’s life.  However, I find it more of a nuisance because one can never know, nor depend on the water or electric here.  We still take five-gallon bucket baths, and keep extra water containers filled in the house.  We still burn candles, as they are the cheapest lighting when there is a blackout.

The economy here continues to worsen – the exchange rate is currently at MK 390.00 to $1.00 USD – it has been told that it will climb to 460.00 to 1.00 USD in the next few weeks.  This may not make sense to many but if I put it like the following you may understand it better. On a budget of $1000.00 USD after exchanging, and going to the shops to make purchases that will equate to $300.00.  For someone trying to exist here, operate a mission work, maintain vehicles, pay utilities, and live a ‘common life’ conducive to this environment – BIG adjustments have to be made to ones life, habits, likes and dislikes.

The growth of the mission work continues, with a different angle – meaning, I have for years taken the lead, and performed most of the evangelism and just pure mission work.  However, over the past few years I have been trying to involve the pastors more and more in their own work (not that this was ignored in past years) but many just would not advance in this area knowing I was posted here full time.  That part coming to a close, I have made it clear to them that the work must continue with them, on their level and ability.  Paul told Timothy to “commit unto other faithful men, that which was committed unto him”.  People by nature are lazy, and even Preachers.  Therefore, where does that leave the common church member?  As I have stated before, many of these pastors are schooled, ordained and had the “Truth” entrusted to them – what is remaining – is for them to pick up the mantle and continue in what they have been taught.

There are two Mozambique pastors who work more like Missionaries and are largely responsible for the continuing growth in the mission work within Mozambique.  Over the years, our mission work reached into Mozambique on both sides of Malawi and for the past thirteen years I have been making mission trips into that country up to twenty-one days at a time living in the bush and out of a tent and vehicle.  GOD has blessed those efforts and a solid work has been established up to this day.  These two men have picked up where I was leading and are now going, evangelizing, and reaching people.  This is what Paul meant when he said “commit unto other [faithful] men… 

The work in Malawi has grown some since the purging of 2005 – 2008; however the local pastors have more of a task ahead of them in Malawi, then in Mozambique.  That is because, for many years “White Missionaries” from abroad have been coming here with their [physical packages] buying out, stealing the hearts of the people like, Absalom did with Israel.  Therefore, one of the first questions people have here in Malawi is “what have you brought me”… why wouldn’t they ask this, when that is all they have seen from previous and still ongoing missionaries? 

GOD is not a man that HE should lie, nor will HE be mocked… that which a man planteth, so shall he reap.  If we sow to flesh we shall reap corruption, and if we sow to the spiritual, we shall reap life everlasting.  Did not Solomon write in the Proverbs [he that winneth souls is wise]?  I wonder how many people are going to die and go to hell only to say to GOD in the Day of Judgment that [no one cared for my soul].

I have another Bible Conference scheduled for the end of October, which, will be held at our property and in the new building.  Two pastors in Mozambique are to be ordained following the conference. LORD willing there will be a picture report of these events.

I ask each and all who are able to continue to pray for the work here, our ministry and labour, and for my wife’s continuing health issues.  We have exhausted what resources we have available to us here, in and out of the doctors offices, hospitals etc… many tests have been performed but no real answers.  She continues to suffer from some kind of bacteria (which has not been determined or known) causing inflammation in her body, which moves around and in different places.  Different antibiotics have been given her for days on end, only to provide temporary relief and then back to the same issues. Her time at home is becoming more frequent as I have to go out alone due to the fact she must consume water frequently and therefore relieve herself of this in a comfortable environment.  For the past four weeks I have held church services at our home with different ones coming due to the fact that at the end of the day my wife, needs to worship and hear preaching too.

I do not base my ministry on my wife, but I do not ignore her either nor her spiritual needs.

I want to thank each of you for your prayers and sacrificial giving to this work, our lives and the Kingdom of heaven.

May our LORD bless the work of your hands, and smile upon each of you in your life and service for HIM where you are.

In His Name,

Missionary Peter A. Halliman